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            ILIA SKIBINSKY


Score Preparation

The Dark Knight Rises - trailer rescore  

Ilia Skibinsky is a saxophonist, pianist, composer, arranger and sound designer. His works for TV
have been featured on major network and cable television channels such as: Discovery Channel, 
Bravo, Fox Sports, PBS and others. In 2007, Ilia has been granted several scholarships to attend the music program at the New School University in New York, USA. He graduated in May 2011 and continued his work on the local music scene. As of July 2013, Mr. Skibinsky is based in Berlin, Germany. In November, 2013 one of his orchestral scores for a short animation movie was selected
as a finalist in the European Talent Competition organized by Soundtrack Cologne. Ilia is skilled in various styles of arranging/orchestration such as classical chamber ensembles, jazz combos, symphonic/orchestral, electronic, world music, pop, dance and others. As a performer his credits include major TV and Theater productions (American Idol, Dancing with Stars, Chicago) as well
as a 15 month tour with "Corteo", a production by Cirque Du Soleil.


CONTACT - email:  web:  phone: +4916095377232


Piano part

Lead sheet

The Land of Dawn (score below)
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